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Hello Basketball Fans,
With registrations shrinking and a core age group entering the working world It is sad to say this Sundays Summer Championships will be the finals games for Billerica Hoops. It has been a great run of 11 seasons over 4 years. 
The first season I was just hoping to find enough kids to get 4 teams so Eddie could keep playing Hoops beyond his winter season. Tommy then asked what about me? So we created a second division and Billerica Hoops was born. I have many people to thank and we would not have had the success we had without any of them. Some of them volunteered their efforts without have any kids playing. I had so many great coaches and their passion resulted in the kids learning so much more than just playing the winter season.

In no particular order Paul Troisi, Maura Sardella, Jeff Shelley, Scott Hutchings, Mark Gryglik, Mark Giordano, Kristen Valliere, Craig Rich, Paul McKie, Tyran Gillis, Tom Laquidera, Dan Murphy, Brad Johnson, Al Smith, Brian Woznik, Steve Boudrot, Mike Quinones, Joe Larson , Sean Kelley.

As far as the players go I have seen so much improvement with countless players over the years. There have been 5 players that have played in every season. Ryan MacDonald, Grant Milliken, Austin Franklin, Nolan Richardson, and Eddie Cuoco.

Our Players with the multiple Championships

Abreu, Jason 3
Ahern, James 2
Ahern, William 2
Barnoski, Ryan 2
Blute, Ryan 2
Boudrot, Cam 3
Bourque, Tyler 2
Colby, Shawn 2
Cuoco, Eddie 5
Devlin, Matthew 3
Doty, James 2
Foster, Zack 2
Franklin, Austin 4
Glennon, Jack 2
Herrick, Cameron 2
Herrick, Dylan 2
Hines, Sean 2
Hood, Eric 2
Hutchings, Jack 2
Jacob, Tyler 3
Laquidara, Jake 2
Laquidara, Shane 3
Larson, Conner 5
Lizotte, Alexander 2
Marin, Nathan 2
Marion, Brandon 2
Marsden, Christian 2
McDonald, Kyle 5
McKie, Shane 2
Meland, Craig 2
Milliken, Grant 3
Mrock, Thomas 3
Murphy, Connor 2
Murphy, Matthew 2
Murphy, Ryan 2
Murphy, Scott 2
Niles, Joel 3
ONeill, Jonathan 2
Personnat, Gerson 2
Personnat, Jayden 2
Pizzo, Josh 2
Ployer, Anthony 2
Ployer, Robert 4
Pontes, Cameron 2
Rich, Craig 3
Santos, Kyle 2
Sardella, Brian 2
Sheehy, Aidan 3
Shelley, Jeffrey 3
Sprague, Aaron 3
Tierney, Garet 2

Tuccelli, Nicholas 2
Tyler, Max 2
Van Dyke, Garret 2
Wood, Brandon 2
Young, Nathan 2

Our Coaches Championship’s

Boudrot 3
Collins 1
Cuoco 4
Glennon 1
Grylick 1
Hood 1
Hutchings 2
Laquidara 3
Larson 1
Murphy 1
Quinones 1
Rich 1
Shelley 1
Smith 1
Tuccelli 1
Tyler 1
Woznick 2


I hope that each one of you enjoyed your experience with Billerica Hoops. I know I enjoyed all 4 years.


Ed Cuoco

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